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A Summoner, and her guardians 
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Games unter We Heart It.


Games unter We Heart It.

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Stay with me until the end.  Please.

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Every time someone calls Tidus whiny I want to

give them an alcoholic parent

make them an orphan

live in said alcoholic parent’s shadow

rip them away from their home

land them somewhere everyone tells them they can’t be from where they’re from and must be crazy (or… infected by poison that…

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FFX  +  Lulu's Dolls
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Scenery Appreciation
↳ ancient ruins in Spira
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Never futile, but never ending.
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MAKE ME CHOOSE | sirenwine asked: Sora/Kairi or Tidus/Yuna


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Y u n a ' s M o n o l o g u e ;
I don't like your plan. It sucks.

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